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Night City Tribute - The Songs of Secret Service

Night City Tribute - The Songs of Secret Service includes newly recorded versions of 24 different songs previously released by Secret Service, including Oh Susie, 10 O'Clock Postman, Flash In The Night and The Way You Are (released in 1986 as a duet between Ola Håkansson and Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA). Among the interpreters we find Parralox (the very productive Australian electro disco act, with “Electric Nights” recently climbing the international charts), the new-generation-of-italo-disco duo Italoconnection (including Fred Ventura, one of the genre’s legendary artists), Jesper Jelse (singer in Swedish 80s duo So What, who now makes his first appearance since 1994), the iconic Canadian synthpop act Rational Youth as well as a number of Swedish and international names from the synth and europop scene.

VA - Night City Tribute, The Songs of Secret Service

Release: 2018-04-16

Label/distributor: pbhmedia, Blyh Media, DiscRepublic

Format: CD, streaming & download



1. Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More (Album Mix) -  Matt Pop & Martin Blix

2. Night City (12" Radio Edit) - Italoconnection

3. Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning) - Johan Baeckström

4. Flash In The Night - Rational Youth

5. Bring Heaven Down - GLAS

6. Don't You Know, Don't You Know – Jesper Jelse & RetroTeque

7. Oh Susie - Evan

8. The Way You Are - Electric City Cowboys feat Mia Moilanen

9. Fire Into Ice - Octolab

10. Feel You Near Me - Mirko Hirsch

11. L.A Goodbye - 047

12. The Dancer (Version) - Parralox

13. Broken Hearts - Eurotix

14. Walking - Märtha Frans

15. 10 O'Clock Postman - Cliff Wedge feat James Knights

16. Where The Wind Blows - Stockholm Nightlife feat Eliza

17. I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (I'm So in Love With You) - Stormby

18. Oh Susie (Bara vi två vet) - Modiga Agenter

19. Flash In The Night - Parralox

20. Aux Deux Magots - The Real Parakeet

21. Dancing in Madness - Leaderboard

22. When The Night Closes In - Finkseye

23. How I Want You - Mr Doonut

24. It’s Not Over - Jimmy Fång

25. Oh Susie (Stormby Mix Edit) - Evan

26. Where The Wind Blows (The Stormby 7 inch Mix) - Stockholm Nightlife feat Eliza

27. Night City (12" Instrumental) – Italoconnection

In the wake of the ABBA sortie, Secret Service was Sweden's most successful music export in the early 1980s. The band was founded in 1979 by Ulf Wahlberg, Tim Norell and Ola Håkansson "by chance" because someone needed to back up Ola Håkansson in Melodifestivalen 1979. In the same year, Oh Susie became an international success (# 1 in 29 countries), followed by a string of hits and tours throughout Europe. They released six albums in 1979-1987, and returned both 1999 and 2012 with a hits collection and a collection of previously released material.

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